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The Elementary School Building Committee (ESBC) has formed a Net Zero Subcommittee to meet with DiNisco Design architects and consultants to focus on the goal of building a net zero elementary school that complies with the Amherst bylaw and to begin discussions with the Design team experts/consultants regarding strategies and options to achieve this goal.


The Subcommittee currently consists of four members of the Building Committee:  Jonathan Salvon, Ben Herrington, Rupert Roy-Clark and Cathy Schoen.  The Subcommittee will report to the full committee based on information and discussions during the development of the project.  Recent meeting recordings will be posted here and on the ESBC page on the Town’s website.

Also see the "Sustainability" section of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab.  

You can now watch the latest Net Zero Subcommittee using the video below.
Wednesday, July 6, 2022 Meeting
NZE timeline graphic (002).jpg
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