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Our Team

Elementary School Building Committee Members

Town Manager - Paul Bockelman

Committee Chair and Town Councilor - Cathy Schoen

Superintendent of Schools - Michael Morris

Wildwood Elementary Assistant Principal - Allison Estes

Fort River Elementary Principal - Tamera Sullivan-Daly

Town Councilor - Ellisha Walker

School Committee Member - Benjamin Herrington

Finance Director - Sean Mangano

Procurement Officer - Simone Cristofori

Building Maintenance Official - Rupert Roy-Clark

Resident Member:  Angelica Bernal

Resident Member - Phoebe Merriam

Resident Member - Jonathan Salvon

Owner's Project Manager - Anser Advisory

Project Lead - Margaret Wood

Project Manager - Bob Stevens

Design Team - DiNisco Design

Project Team - Donna DiNisco, Rick Rice, Tim Cooper, Vivian Low

DiNisco Project Team.PNG
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